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Desktop Computer Repair


Virus, Spyware & Trojan removal

Professional Cleaning

•Windows vista, XP, 7 & 2000, Linux or any other software installation service

•Fix Windows error messages & rebooting / loop problems

•Software diagnostics

•computer tune-up

•computer is showing security centre (red X) in the right lower corner of the screen

•Desktop icons have disappeared after spyware attack

•Power light flashing when you try to turn on your computer but no display

•Internet explorer, Firefox, Google chrome or safari is hijacked?

•Computer is low on disk space or virtual memory?

•Computer speed problems

•Cannot play videos online?

•Computer is shutting down ?

•Computer is restarting automatically ?

•Computer won't turn on ?

•Internet explorer crash / restarting

•Fix / repair sound problem

•Reformat Computer

•Printing problem or new printer setup & installation

•Hard drive is making a clicking sound?

•Install or replace ram

•Hard disk failure problems

•Replace DVD with new or used

•Computer or laptop does not recognize CD or DVD

•Hard disk repair

Wireless and Networking problems

•Install drivers for audio, video, network or Internet, modem, chipset, CD/DVD, USB and others

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