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Most Common Laptop & Mac Repairs We Do :

Laptop Repair Toronto - Laptop Repair North York
*Laptop Repair Services

• Laptop & Mac Hardware Issues :

• Loose or broken DC power jack

•Dead motherboard (No power)

• No display or dim display

• Lines on screen or broken screen

•Graphic problems or frozen screen

•Shutting down randomly caused by overheating

• There is power but no P.O.S.T or black screen

• Motherboard damaged by spilled liquids

•Keyboard,Hard Drive,CD/DVD Drives repair or replacement

• Laptop & Mac Software Issues :

•System hung up or frozen , blue screen


• Downgrading operating systems (XP, VISTA, 7,Mac OS )

• System running slowly

• DATA backup

• DATA recovery

Laptop Repair, Notebook & Net book Repair Service

Laptop Overheating Problem:

If you have any of these problems:

laptop-repair-toronto - Laptop Repair North York

Malware, Adware, Virus removal

• Software installation & setup

• Laptop takes really long to shut down

• Screen replacement

• Laptop maintenance

Power jack Repair or Replacement

• Motherboard fix, repair or replace for hp dv2000, dv4000, dv6000, dv9000, dv9500 etc.

• Dim screen problem

• Inverter, keyboard, power adapter or any other trouble

• Setup external hard drive or DVD drive

• Laptop overheating (you don't need to use an external cooling fan)

• Laptop does not turn on when you press the power button Full software / Windows troubleshooting services.

You might have a feeling like this, my laptop is very slow, speed up my laptop, yes we can help you!

Reballing Graphic Chipset North York Toronto
*BGA machine Used for replacing Video Cards & Chipsets (Reballing)

Laptop Power Jack Replacement: